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Give your employees the kind of benefit that will really motivate them. Create a SCOOT911 business account and let your people use SCOOT911 for free, whenever, wherever.
We offer extremely attractive conditions and special pricing to business customers.

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What we expect from you

We expect your company to be able to assume control of some part, or all parts, of the maintenance process for our SCOOT911 scooters.

This includes:

1. Charging.

2. Transportation – Pick up / Drop off.

3. Storage.

4. Technical support.

Scoot911 will provide:

1. SCOOT911 kick-scooters (the numbers of scooters supplied will be based on the size of your city).

2. Our professional next generation Scoot911 platform, with its Support Team module - custom built to help you.

3. Payouts on a weekly basis.

4. 24/7 Scoot911 Support.

Invest in SC0OT911

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Joining our investors club is a smart way to tap-into a huge market and earn passive income. You simply purchase e-scooters as assets, then we deploy them through our network in cities around the world. Every week you receive your share of the profits earned from your assets. It’s that simple.